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Macbook and iMac Repairs

Poindexter Solutions is Baltimore’s best, low-cost, out of warranty Apple service provider. Although Apple products are designed to stand the test of time, Macbook laptops and iMac desktop computers will fail from time to time. Unlike a Windows PC or laptop, Apple computers cost more to repair and
upgrade, including minor adjustments such as increasing the RAM or installing a new battery. These costs are due, in part, to the high cost of Apple certification as well as the inflated premium of Apple parts. Poindexter promises to be different. No more excessive costs, no matter the repair. With our always up front estimates and free consultations, you can be confident that your Apple repair will be done correctly, completely, and inexpensively. Read on for a summary of our most common repair requests or call us today (908-991-NERD) for a consultation.

Apple’s Limited Warranty

The standard warranty for all Apple products covers only manufacturer defects. Unless you purchased an extended warranty like Apple Care+ or Geek Squad Protection w/ADH, you might not be compensated for the cost of accidental damage. Drop or liquid damage will immediately invalidate most warranties, leaving you with only costly, out of pocket repair options. Poindexter endeavors to provide only the best solutions, while respecting your budget. In general, most Macbooks can be repaired for less than the cost of outright replacement.

macbook pro repairs available in baltimore

Macbook Liquid damage (from $99)

Liquid damage can be a very costly repair and often requires that the logic board and/or keyboard be replaced. If your Macbook, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air has come in contact with any amount of liquid, immediately unplug the AC adapter and all peripherals and turn the keyboard over to allow excess liquid to drain away. Remove the bottom panel and disconnect the battery. If you’re confident liquid has seeped inside the computer, we recommend completely disassembling your Macbook (e.g. remove all components and the logic board) to allow each delicate piece to air dry as quickly as possible. Do not bother with rice, it won’t remove water any faster than air drying. Wait a full 24 hours before you attempt to power your Macbook on.

If your Macbook, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air has come in contact with liquid, turn it over immediately and contact Poindexter for emergency pickup.

Macbook Keyboard Replacement (from $99)

Time, wear, and minor liquid damage can cause Macbook keyboards to lose some functionality (dead keys) or fail completely. For some models, such as the Macbook Air, a failing keyboard might even disable the power button. Unfortunately, replacing your Macbook’s keyboard requires unique tools and experience deconstructing Apple technology without damaging the logic board, backlight panel, adhesive, or delicate cabling.

Starting at $99 (parts and labor), Poindexter Solutions can replace your Macbook, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air keypad. Total service time is 2-3 business days, depending on the availability of parts. Most Macbook keyboard repairs are completed within 2 business days.

Macbook Cracked Screen Repair (from $99)

3 out of 5 Apple Macbook owners will crack their screen at least once. Thankfully, Poindexter can safely replace your Macbook, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air display panel or glass protector. Total price varies by model and scope of damage. Macbook Pros, for instance, have a pane of glass that is separate from the LCD panel itself and can be safely removed without disassembling the Macbook Pro. Macbook Air models do not have this layer of protection. Depending on availability of parts, total repair time is generally 2-3 business days.

Macbook Pro screen repair, glass only replacement is $99.

Macbook Pro glass and display repair starts at $199, depending on model and breadth of damage.

Macbook Battery Replacement (from $99)

All laptop LiON batteries have a finite lifespan, requiring eventual replacement. Older generation Macbooks permitted the user to replace the battery with ease. Later Macbooks hid the battery behind the bottom panel and require unique tools to safely replace it. These batteries are non-removable, according to Apple. Thankfully, Poindexter is here to help.

Starting at only $99 (parts and labor), Poindexter will replace your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air battery that is guaranteed to perform as well or better than the original. Total costs vary a little depending on the model of Macbook or Macbook Air.

Stuck disc? (from $30)

It can happen. Macbooks and iMacs both use Apple’s seamless, single slot Super Drive design for inserting and removing discs. Rarely, but often enough, a disc might get stuck, making the ejector arm struggle fruitlessly to push it out. Because of the aluminum unibody design in most Apple computers, stuck discs are very difficult to remove without partially disassembling your device. Before you risk further damage to your device, contact Poindexter for a quick and safe extraction.

imac repair options available in baltimore, mdApple Macbook and iMac Upgrades


iMac and Macbook Hard Drive Upgrade (from $30)

Like any computer, Apple devices can suffer from a malfunctioning hard drive. On average, traditional hard drives have a life expectancy of 3-5 years. A failing hard drive can reduce your computer’s performance and overall stability. If severe, your Macbook might fail to boot, boot to only a gray screen, crash intermittently, and put your personal data at risk. If you’re worried that your iMac or Macbook hard drive is failing, contact Poindexter today for inexpensive data recovery and repair options. Depending on your model, an inexpensive, but strongly encouraged upgrade might be available for your machine. This includes replacing your standard mechanical hard drive (installed in most iMacs and all Macbooks earlier than 2012) with a blazing fast solid state drive (up to 15x faster) or just upgrading to a larger, but still mechanical hard drive.

iMac hard drive upgrade, $90+ cost of the drive.

Macbook Pro hard drive upgrade, $30+ cost of the drive.

Data recovery and migration options starting at $70.

iMac and Macbook Pro RAM Upgrade (from $30)

Over time, computer programs gobble up more and more of your Apple computer’s working memory. Not to be confused with the hard drive, this working memory – called RAM – is how your computer can do so many things simultaneously. As computers age, the new programs they use tend to require more and more RAM, causing the machine’s performance to degrade over time. Thankfully, RAM is a low-cost and highly recommended upgrade that can greatly improve your performance, especially for programs that demand more (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Google Chrome, CAD programs…). Newer verisons of Apple’s OS X don’t usually require more RAM, but definitely benefit from the extra space. Unfortunately, RAM upgrades are not available for 2013 and later Macbook Pros, Macbook Air, or iMac models. For these models, the RAM is wholly integrated into the mainboard and cannot be removed.

iMac RAM upgrade, $30 +  cost of RAM.

Macbook Pro 2012 or earlier RAM upgrade, $30 + cost of RAM.

baltimore macbook pro and air repairsMacbook Pro and Air Hinge Repair (from $30)

Apple Macbooks use friction hinges for a smooth opening and closing of the display. Over time, this hinge can lose tension or become wobbly. Unfortunately, tightening or replacing the hinge requires an invasive repair that is super difficult for beginners and requires specialized tools. Thankfully, Poindexter can tighten or replace your Macbook Pro’s wonky hinge quickly and inexpensively, leaving your premium laptop feeling like new.

Macbook Pro or Macbook Air hinge tightening, $30.

Macbook Pro or Macbook Air hinge replacement, $50+ cost of replacement hinge.

Macbook Pro and Air Clutch Cover Replacement ($50)

You know that black bar seperating your Macbook’s screen from the top panel? That plasticky thing that is super easy to crack? That’s the hinge cover – properly called the clutch – and it covers some pretty sensitive stuff, including your wireless antennae wires, display cable, and display hinge. Damage here isn’t just unsightly, it can damage some the cables underneath or leave them unprotected. Replacing the clutch cover isn’t the hardest repair, but we don’t recommend it for beginners or anyone without the proper tools. Luckily, Poindexter can take care of that tricky part for you.

Macbook Pro and Air clutch cover replacement, $50 total.

On-Site Support

Poindexter always offers free consultations and on-site visits at no additional cost. Call us today to schedule a convenient visit to your home or office. Some problems can be fixed on-site, quickly and easily. Other problems, such as hard drive replacements and other advanced repairs, require that the device be transferred to our Hampden based lab. If so, we offer free pickup and delivery for Hampden and surrounding areas in Baltimore. We fix it, return it, and you pay for labor and parts once the job is done. Simple, transparent, and professional. We’re here to help.

the genius bar is expensive and far away - poindexter comes to where you need them and never charges too much