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Poindexter can make a sharp website, sure, but that’s only one facet of what we call omnichannel marketing. That’s a top shelf word for “market your stuff in all of the places”, which includes venues like Facebook and good search position. Good internet marketing can help a business owner generate greater customer awareness and participation in their product or brand. Thankfully, astute business owners see a huge opportunity here and it’s Poindexter’s job to help you optimize those channels and understand why they’re so important.

Bad Search Rank is Money Lost


Not long ago, local businesses could manage just fine without telephones, calculators, or electric lights. As technology and markets continue to change, demands on businesses change, forcing those businesses to adapt to new technologies and customer expectations. Nowadays, customers expect your business to be reachable by phone; modern customers likewise expect to find your business and its details through search engines like Google. If your information cannot be found quickly and accurately, you risk losing a customer who already wants your product or service.

Customers are looking for your business; Poindexter makes sure they find the right information when it matters most.

In order for modern business to compete, they must be available to potential leads online. For many leads, your website or social media page is the first, and sometimes only aspect of your business they’ll see. If your online presence doesn’t impress and offer the information they need to make a quick decision, you risk losing a potential customer to the competition. These online spaces are more than just a business card; it’s a sales funnel that catches people at the moment they want your product. Your virtual spaces must be positioned to seize on potential opportunities. Digital marketing and SEO is how Poindexter positions your business to succeed on the internet.

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If the internet is the ultimate human encyclopedia and search engines are its curators, then search optimization determines what virtual spaces are good enough to be included, to be the definitive answer to a question.

Lee Brandt

We saw that a thousand results weren't necessarily as useful as 10 good ones.

Sergey Brin

The ultimate search engine would basically understand everything in the world, and it would always give you the right thing. And we're a long, long ways from that.

Larry Page

Okay! What is SEO roughly?


First, a quick bit of terminology. SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization, SEM stands for search engine marketing, and SERP is short for search engine result page. Simply put, SEO is digital marketing that ensures your website complies with search engine quality standards. SEM increases the visibility of a website on a search result page, typically by using a combination of SEO and paid advertising.

Google and Bing, for instance, have ever changing standards that determine how a website’s content and structure influence its rank on a search result page. It’s a search engine’s job to ensure that whatever search result is returned is accurate and of high quality; the cream rises to the top, the dross sinks to the bottom. Customers only click on the top three results after searching and over a third of that traffic goes to the first result. If your website violates these standards, it can lose rank, thereby reducing how many people might see it when they search for it. The worst offenders might eventually be black listed and removed from search results all together. For some businesses this can be devastating. This is why Poindexter only uses ethical search marketing practices. Your business is our business and we don’t play fast and loose with the rules.

Search engines provide information in a variety of ways and regularly tweak this presentation to better serve and engage users. Local search, for example, helps nearby customers locate your shop or restaurant, its hours of operation, and other users’ reviews. A great search position with good user feedback is extremely valuable for businesses; likewise, untended, negative reviews can scare away clients, driving them to the next entry on the results page.

If your business doesn’t show up at all, it’s invisible to the world.

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SEO Helps My Business Succeed

Right! The higher you get in search rank, the more organic traffic your website will receive. Once you’ve got the traffic coming in, a well polished website converts that traffic into sales or leads. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting customers the information they need to find your brick and mortar store. Sometimes it’s about presenting great, shareable content to earn advertising revenue. For others, it’s to sell products directly from their website. Whatever the motive, incoming unique traffic is the lifeblood of every website. Of all the possible traffic, organic traffic – visitors generated through regular search and not advertising – is the king of traffic volume and sales. Without good digital marketing and SEO, your business isn’t taking advantage of this incredible opportunity. Paid advertising works well enough, but it’s a far cry from organic search. In other words, self promotion never works as well as letting your customer discover how awesome your business is for themselves. It’s like the movie Inception, but with 89% less Leo DiCaprio.

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Internet Marketing Gone Mobile

Mobile marketing is essential for small businesses and Poindexter is rightfully obsessed with getting good business the on-the-go attention they deserve. For Android and iOS users, Google and Apple Maps effortlessly highlight nearby businesses and navigates to them with GPS. Yelp and Foursquare aggregate user reviews for local businesses and push them to your device whenever you’re nearby. Each of these services (and countless others) require that business owners spare their already limited time to cultivate each services’ profile. It’s tremendously time consuming, but absolutely essential, lest someone with better placement take your rightful customers. Poindexter will make the best of your online presence, leaving you free to focus on what matters most: your core business.

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