baltimore apple macbook and imac computer repair
1 hour labor for computer repairs and tech support


(1 hr on-site repairs)
If you need your computer fixed fast, this is a great, low cost option. Poindexter will send a qualified technician to your home to fix anything and everything they can in an hour. Fix-It-Quick is a great option for simple stuff like internet and printer problems, program installations and updates, or just a quick look into something that’s worrying you. Malware removals are not included — removing viruses require special precautions to protect your data and cannot be done on-site. This service applies to PC and Apple computers.

poindexter can help you install a troublesome program or operating system

Install a Program (PC or Mac)

Computers need programs for pretty much everything, whether it’s for graphic design, word processing, or just loading a gosh darn website. If something on your PC or MAC isn’t working quite right, it’s possible that you need a new program or must update an old one. Save yourself the frustration and let Poindexter handle those details for you.

is malware creating problems on your pc or mac poindexter can remove it

Malware Cleaning (PC or Mac)

The internet is a hive of scum and villainy, and bad guys get paid big bucks to stuff your computer full of junk. Adware, malware, spyware, ransomware, and potentially unwanted programs can disrupt internet services, steal or damage personal data, and possibly harm the computer itself if left untreated. If your computer is running slowly, behaving strangely, or frustrating you with popups and troublesome advertisements, contact Poindexter immediately for a secure cleaning.

Some infections can be fixed quickly, most require a special precautions to protect your computer and personal data. For most malware cleanings, your PC or MAC will be safely transferred to our Hampden lab for treatment. We’ll clean out the bad, tune it up, and return your computer zippy and stable. You’ll love it.

advanced computer repairs are available for a small flat fee

Advanced Repairs (Crashing, Mega Malware, Data Recovery/ Migration)

Some problems are too horrible to fix in under an hour and need special equipment and precautions. If we can’t fix your PC or MAC on-site, Poindexter will check your computer into our Hampden lab for advanced analysis and repair. In case you need them, data backup and recovery services are available. Serious problems can take a few days to fix, but speediness is always a priority.

poindexter can recover erased data or forensically destroy sensitive information

Data Transfer and Recovery

$20 (Diagnostic only) or $60 (Diagnostics and Recovery)
Losing your data can be catastrophic. It doesn’t have to be. If your computer suddenly stops working, Poindexter can try to recover your data. With Poindexter’s advanced recovery methods, we can restore recently deleted files and often recover files from malfunctioning hard drives. Using advanced recovery tools, we are also able to recover deleted files, damaged partitions, and other corrupted data.

If data recovery is not possible due to extensive mechanical failure, we charge only a $19.95 diagnostic fee. Successful data recovery is only $59.95, not included the cost of external media. We can transfer your data to a location of your choice, including a new hard drive or flash media. Cost of additional parts may apply.

computer performance improvements available

Just a Tune-Up (PC or Mac)

Is your computer not quite up to snuff? Getting a bit long in the tooth? Let Poindexter work some magic on your Windows PC, Apple computer, or Android device  and we’ll restore it back to its glory days.

Don’t buy a new computer until you see what we can do with your old one.

we will do our best to determine what your computer's hardware or software malfunction is

Full Diagnostic (PC or Mac)

Occasionally, your computer’s problem isn’t obvious. Sometimes, there’s a hardware failure, and it needs a doctor. Other times, it needs a therapist. Poindexter’s low-cost analysis can determine how best to treat your computer’s trouble, saving you time and money. Because a proper diagnostic takes several hours to complete, Poindexter will transfer your device to our lab for testing and return it when the job is done.

install new and upgraded computer hwardware to improve your computer performance

Hardware Upgrade (PC or Mac)

$30 + Cost of Quality Parts
Modern users, websites, programs, and operating systems need oodles of storage, memory, and brain power to run smooth and stable. If you’re beginning to feel the limits of older hardware, it might be possible to upgrade your computer safely and quickly.

Upgrading your PC or MAC’s ram or processor can greatly improve program speed and startup, as well as let you run more stuff simultaneously without any stutter. Installing a more spacious hard drive will provide more than enough space for all of your photos, music, movies, and programs. A new graphics card will let you play the newest games at the best possible settings, leaving other gamers in your dust.

Whatever your hardware needs, Poindexter can get it installed safely and inexpensively. Call today for a free consultation!

build a new custom performance computer using quality hardware

Build Me a Monster (PC only)

$30/ hour + Cost of Quality Parts
So you want a great computer at a great price, but don’t know where to start? From start to finish, Poindexter loves building performance computers on shoe-string budgets. Don’t waste money on an overpriced, easily broken performance PC (looking at you Alienware). Let Poindexter make your money sing so you can play the newest games at the best specs without breaking the bank. Leave your pitiful gaming console in the dust and welcome to the PC Master Race. It’s better here.

wifi problems can be difficult to diagnose and even harder to fix

Fix My Wifi

Wireless networking can be tricky to setup, especially in Baltimore. Tall, heavily built houses create problems for beefy home networks, not to mention network and radio band congestion. Dropped or weak connections can be frustrating, especially with so many services depending on strong, stable wifi and network connectivity. Let Poindexter optimize your home or office network and get that wireless running smoothly!

remove windows or apple password

Password Reset or Removal (PC or MAC)

Accidentally lock yourself out of your computer? It happens. If you’re using Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or a local login for any Apple computer, we can remove your old password and restore access to your computer. If you’re using Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, you must be using a local account (not a Microsoft account) to login, or we won’t be able to remove your password. Take heart! If you’re using a Microsoft account, you can safely reset your account’s password here.

If you need your Windows or Mac’s password reset, call Poindexter today to schedule a quick and easy password removal. No need to pack up the computer, we’ll bring the solution to you!

we offer low cost computer tutoring services for baltimore

Computer Tutor

Only $30/ hour for the best computer tutoring experience ever.
We love tutoring! If you need a gentle, patient, uplifting computer tutor to help with Windows or Mac, we’d be a great fit. Our flexible instructors will adjust each lesson to flexibly meet your goals and pacing. Get a handle on the internet, email, Microsoft Office, and learn ways to stay safe online with Poindexter’s computer tutoring. As always, we bring the service to you, so you can develop your computer skills in the comfort of your own home or business.

professional network and wifi installation and optimization

Network and Router Setup

Purchase your first router? Replacing an old one? Poindexter can root out your router woes by taking care of the tedious setup for you. We’ll test and double test to make sure you’re getting the best signal possible, and use our special tools to make sure there’s no avoidable interference. Once we’ve got you wired and wireless’d up, we’ll show you some useful ways to make your home network secure and how you can make essential changes whenever you need to – don’t leave your home network insecure and open to fraud or abuse. Poindexter’s professional network services will get you setup the first time, the right time.