1 hour labor for computer repairs and tech support



Zippy fixes done inexpensively. All you can eat tech support for one full hour (or so*)

With our flat-rate Fix-It-Quick service, Poindexter will send a tech wizard to your home to fix anything and everything they can in an hour (or so*). Fix-It-Quick is a great option for simple stuff like internet and printer problems, program installations and updates, or just a quick look into something that’s worrying you. Pick Poindexter’s brain and put us to task for an hour (or so*).

Service is great for:

  • Installing tricky programs
  • Solving simple mysteries
  • Optimizing your WiFi
  • Resetting your Windows or macOS password
  • One hour of tutoring or Q&A
  • Countless other things!

Malware removals and advanced repairs are not included — removing malware requires lots of special precautions to protect your data and always take longer than an hour.

*Might last a little longer than one hour.