the mos t common computer problems and how to fix them

Poindexter technicians have helped countless folks cope with and solve all sorts of different kinds of computer problems. Both Windows based PC’s and Apple iMacs and Macbooks can suffer from the same kind of problems, including unwanted software, accumulated dirt, and accidental damage. Here are a few of the most common problems we fix every day and their possible causes.

Slow computer?

If you can’t shake that nagging feeling that your computer just isn’t quite up to speed, it might benefit from a tune up. Computers need clean, quick hardware, and the right software setup to stay fast and stable. A slow computer might be loading too many programs when it starts up or be burdened by hidden malware and viruses that are gobbling up its memory. Outside of Windows or OSX, it’s possible that dirt has accumulated inside of your laptop or desktop and is forcing the central processing unit (CPU, the computer’s brain) to slow itself down to prevent itself from burning out. Removing unneeded programs and cleaning out the inside of your computer can help to improve you computer’s performance and life span.

a slow computer is among the most common fixable problems

Hot computer?

Computers can get hot, sometimes really hot. Unfortunately, excess heat will reduce the longevity of your computer very quickly and can cause irreversible damage if left unchecked. Your computer’s central processing unit or CPU needs to be kept cool with constant air flow. If your computer feels hotter than usual, it’s possible that your CPU is doing extra, possibly unnecessary work, and creating lots of extra heat as a result. To help get rid of that heat, your computer is supposed to speed up the built in fan(s). Macbooks and other laptops sometimes suffer from bad airflow, especially if the computer hasn’t been cleaned recently. Accumulated dust can block air flow and force the fans to work harder to get rid of the extra heat.

Loud computer?

All computers come with fans built in to help get rid of excess heat. If your computer sounds like a jet engine taking off, it’s probably struggling to get rid of its own heat – your computer might also need to have its system fan replaced. The ball bearings inside of a computer fan can also wear out, reducing the effectiveness of the fan and possibly contributing to the noise with a high pitch buzzing sound. Depending on the noise, this might be a sign that the computer needs to be cleaned out. Using compressed air, try blowing out your desktop, laptop, or Macbook’s vents. Dirty vents reduce the amount of airflow passing through your computer, forcing the fans to work harder to get the hot air out. A bit of high pressure air can dislodge years of accumulated dust and give your computer the chance to breath easy.

most computers make a little bit of noise, but a loud computer indicates there's a problem

Computer not starting?

After you hit the power button on your desktop or laptop computer, a carefully choreographed series of events happen to turn your machined lump of plastic and silicon into a thinking machine. In the biz, we call this “booting up” because, in a way, the computer is boot strapping itself from nothing. Numerous problems can disrupt a computer’s boot process, so it’s important to make note of when the problem starts. Does the computer do nothing at all after you press the power button? Does it begin to start, then shut of instead? Perhaps it gets all the way to your Desktop, then produces an error screen and restarts? Maybe it’s something else entirely. Before you give your computer the boot and buy new, let’s see what Poindexter can do.

boot issues can be frustrating and complex problems

Computer damage?

3 out of 5 people will crack their laptop’s screen at least once and countless others will drop it, possibly breaking the hard drive, or spill a bit of liquid on it, maybe damaging the sensitive logic board underneath the keypad. Depending on what kind of computer you have, it might be possible to fix it. Most manufacturer warranties will not cover accidental damage and their repair options are among the most expensive. Apple will charge in excess of a thousand dollars to repair a Macbook with liquid damage. Before you pay hundreds or dollars and waste weeks of time waiting, contact Poindexter for an honest estimate. You might be surprised what we can fix.

poindexter can replace your cracked screen inexpensively