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poindexter offers computer repair services for hampden, baltimore, and surrounding areas

Great help, right where you need it.

Thank you for considering Poindexter for your tech support and computer repair needs!

Our labs are located in Baltimore, MD, and we offer on-site consultations for Hampden and surrounding areas, including Remington, Medfield, Johns Hopkins Campus, Charles Village, Woodberry, Remington, and Druid Hill Park. House-calls are available by appointment only, Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Poindexter was founded on ideals forgotten by large-scale, corporatized tech support solutions. We’re your neighbor and we believe in offering great support for a fair price, and never compromise our clients’ privacy, security, and integrity. Poindexter believes that tech support is about bringing computers, communities, and individuals together. We don’t just fix technology; we support the businesses and families that depend on it, everywhere that matters.

Your all-in-one tech whisperer.

Poindexter adores technology. With over a decade of professional experience, we’re expedient with all home computing and mobile platforms. Whether it’s a misbehaving Windows desktop, Android tablet, or Apple Macbook, Poindexter has the tools necessary to get you up and running again. Our expertise doesn’t end with computers, either. Step with Poindexter into virtual awesomeness with a great new website or let us take over the tedious management of your current email or web hosting provider. You only need one chef… err, nerd… in this kitchen.

  • Malware and popups? No problem.
  • New hardware installation? Easy breezy.
  • Wifi network on the fritz? Bring it on.
  • Company website need an overhaul? Love it.

Poindexter relishes a challenge. We’ll meet your tech problems on the battlefield, ready for anything.

poindexter provides computer repair and general tech trouble shooting services for baltimore
poindexter computer services are confidential and your data is always secure

All services are confidential.

Your data is personal, private, and utterly yours. Our everyday computers securely remember business records, wedding photos, genealogy history, school documents, and plenty more. And, everyday, careless computer repair companies expose your data to potential theft or erasure. Not at Poindexter. We’re obsessive about protecting your privacy, without a single byte lost.

All Poindexter services are strictly confidential. Only Poindexter technicians have access to your personal or business data and only for the duration of your servicing. No copies or changes are made without your permission. Once servicing is complete, all backups made are forensically destroyed to protect your privacy and security.

All computer and tech support services rendered are confidential, period.

No jagged pills, we promise.

We’ve all been there: The business proposal, school report, or photo deadline is fast approaching, and your computer has come down with a case of the crashes. Do you really have the time, patience, and energy to waste working with some bored call center technician on the other side of the world?

Cost cutting measures are driving American jobs overseas, bloating an industry of low-cost, high-misery “tech support” that puts speed and efficiency above customer satisfaction and genuine resolution. It’s not fun and you’re left with the lingering sense that nothing is really solved. And that’s assuming you even got a person. Blegh.

Not at Poindexter. Like the good ol’ days, our services are local, direct, and inexpensive. We take the time, every time.

poindexter keeps tech support personal