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Computer Tune-Up and Cleaning


Is your computer not quite up to snuff? Getting a bit long in the tooth? Coughing and sputtering its way through websites and programs? Like any other complex machine, computers benefit from routine maintenance to help maintain top performance. Poindexter’s comprehensive tune-up includes a complete overhaul of your operating system. We remove bloatware, malware, clean up Windows / OS X, update drivers, defragment you HDD, and dozens of other tweaks and repairs. As if that isn’t enough, we clean your computer to a mirror polish.

Your computer will perform better than it did when it was new. You’ll love it, we promise.

This service is great for:

  • Slow Windows or Apple computers
  • Suspected malware infection
  • Dirty computers
  • Overheating computers
  • Out-of-date computers
  • Older computers that need a little love