poindexter can help you install a troublesome program or operating system

Install a Program


Untroubling that troubled PC/MAC Program or App

Computers need programs for pretty much everything, whether it’s for graphic design, word processing, or just loading a gosh darn website. If something on your PC or MAC isn’t working quite right, it’s possible that you need a new program or must update an old one. Save yourself the frustration and let Poindexter handle those details for you. We’ll investigate compatibility issues, update dependencies, and double check to make sure everything is working like it should. Unless something unexpected crops up, you can expect Poindexter to wrap everything up in an hour (or so). This service is great for Windows, OS X, macOS with…

  • Programs that won’t load quite right
  • Programs that give you an error
  • Programs that don’t install correctly, but should
  • Programs that need a swift kick in the code.