Hello Hampden!

By July 23, 2015Poindexter News
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And goodbye Iowa. Goodbye to your life threatening winters, adorable bunny epidemic, and constant wind. Hello Charm City! Hello crabcakes and Berger Cookies,  Honfest and Natty Boh!

A very special hello to the Village of Hampden, home of Baltimore’s Best breakfast and cheese shops, ice cream and sandwiches. With so many excellent restaurant and boutiques, it’s easy to see what makes Hampden so special. Is it this awesome bookstore? Maybe it’s the unique selection of oddities? Yes and so much more than that. Hampden is what you get when a community bands together to really build something special, when people care and are given a chance to excel at doing something new, something different. You won’t find a Gap or a Geek Squad here. In a way, Hampden feels like a small, tight knit town, despite being smack inside of Maryland’s largest city.

Hi Hampden. It’s going to be great getting to know you. We’re excited to help in whatever way we can to make this community even stronger. We especially love the bikeways, parks, and dog friendly attitude. If you ever see us out and about, know that my dog, Eden, is friendly, but a giant wimp. She’s great at making everything super awkward and bad at making new friends. You can usually find me in Wyman Park trying to teach Eden that not all dog toys are hers and that other dogs like to play, too. Cheers!

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