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poindexter discusses what array of things to consider when deciding between an Apple or Windows computer

Should I get an Apple or a Windows PC?

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We get this one a lot. Like, a lot a lot, and there’s no easy answer. Sure, Apple, Hewlett Packard, and Dell, to name a few, all make computers. They have processors, RAM, non-volatile storage (hard drives), a case, a keyboard… you know. Computer stuff. But the similarities end the moment we stop drawing broad comparisons about the underlying machine stuff. Windows PCs vary significantly by manufacturer; Apple computers vary less, but offer less choice.

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poindexter investigates teslacrypt, the newest and most dangerous form of ransomware

Help! All of my files are now .mp3?!

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One fateful morning, our client woke their office computer from sleep and noticed something odd. All (or most) of their files were being treated like audio files, specifically .mp3 files. This client is using Windows 7, running Norton Internet Security, and does not keep a regular backup (vulnerable operating system, inadequate anti-virus, and no disaster recovery plan).

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Baltimore Blizzard Tech Survival Tips

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It’s official: Baltimore just got whammied with record amounts of snow, trapping many in their homes and prohibiting all but the most essential travel. While we rest in between bouts of frantic snow shoveling, let’s take some time to answer frequently asked questions about wintry tech and proffer up some advice to help you stay informed and well protected.

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fraud tech support costs americans time and money, here's how to spot and stop it

Fraud Tech Support

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If you’d rather have an inexpensive, professional computer repair, Poindexter is always available to help. We serve the Hampden area, Baltimore, and have helped countless folks recover from internet fraud of all kinds. If you, a parent, or grand parent has been the victim of internet or tech support fraud, contact Poindexter for personal help from an industry professional. We’ll get this squared away for you, promise.

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poindexter loves cyanogenmod, the custom android rom

Android’s Have a Long, Feature Rich Life

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Are you fed up with your old, slow, buggy Android phone or tablet, but money is too tight to upgrade? Maybe you just want the freshest version of Android and are tired of waiting for your cell phone company to send an upgrade your way. Heck, maybe you just want your phone to be free of that annoying carrier software that you can’t uninstall. Let Poindexter breath new life into your Android phone with a custom rom.

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yeah, i have a beard now. try not to look directly at it

No Shave November’s Hearty, Awesome Beard of Beardlyness… and Holiday Hours

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Fear not! That hirsute, bespectacled nerd knocking on your door is not the rabid mountain hipster he appears to be! It’s just Poindexter struggling to grow a respectable beard for No Shave November. That’s not Magnum PI pulling up for your computer consultation. We totally forgive the confusion! What with the pastel button-up, steely gaze, and various sundry cables and hard drives, Poindexter is a dead ringer for Tom Selleck. We get that.

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poindexter answers your quesitons about the cloud

What is “The Cloud” and why do I need it?

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“The Cloud” is a fancy way of saying that your data is copied somewhere else using the Internet. Your computer calls up another nearby computer, they chat, and work together to make a copy of your stuff. Different companies have trademarked services that do this. Apple uses iCloud, Microsoft uses OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), Google has Google Drive. There’s Drop BoxCarbonite, and countless others, even some based in Baltimore. But they all have that cloud part in common and pretty much work the same way.

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